You have your own app and all the information is in it. But how do you make sure guests grab the app often? Fortunately, that’s simple. Step one is the right promotion so that guests download the app. In addition, send monthly push messages via the CMS system – especially in the high season. That way, you immediately increase app usage.

How to do that? We’ll give you some tips:

1. Who receives the push notifications?
Push messages are sent to everyone who has the app on their phone. In this case, you don’t know if they are about to check in or have already been. What you do know is that they are very interested in your accommodation and stay. In addition, it is good to know that a guest can turn off notifications at any time. So that choice is up to the guest.

Now that you know this, it is good to realize that you don’t have to consider the arrival and departure of guests. The push messages you send only show that it is very valuable for guests to download the app. For example, when you send: ‘Please note that tomorrow the campsite shop will be closed for an extra day. Read in the app which supermarkets are nearby.’ Then, for a guest, that is precisely a confirmation that it is nice that they have downloaded the app. After all, you will be the first to know about important and fun news.

2. Schedule them in advance
Are you now thinking, I don’t have time for this at all? Understandably so. Extra nice to know that with just half an hour a month, you can ensure a big increase in app usage. So, grab that diary and schedule one moment every month to get everything ready. Through the CMS system, you can schedule the right date and time to send it. It is also important to use short sentences so that it is readable in a push message. The shorter your message, the less work. 😉

3. What is a good subject?
Use push messages as a tool for noticeboard announcements, latest news and as marketing. For example, in the off-season, you can let people know that a new safari tent has been installed. Share a discount code with this, if necessary. Send a push message when the season has reopened. For a popular period, let guests know when 80% is fully booked. Or direct the guest to the right information already in the app. For example, tips in the area with rain, during autumn and winter.

It is also important not to send too many push messages and not to repeat yourself too often. For example, send a push message once every fortnight in low season and a maximum of twice a week in high season. Messages around holidays or important announcements can be sent in addition to these.

4. Alternate useful messages with fun ones
Nobody is waiting for irritating messages. Our tip is therefore: don’t send them too often and keep it general. For example, it is not useful to send a message twice a week saying that sandwiches are now 1+1 free. But it is handy to schedule a message once a month with, for example, ‘Are the sandwiches for tomorrow already ordered? It’s possible until 5pm.’ Or ‘For Mother’s Day, we’ve stocked up on extra croissants. Have you ordered yet?’

Also check the weather forecast and refer to all the great information in the app. This way, you can schedule these kinds of messages in advance:

  • ‘It’s going to be great weather this week! Check out the nicest terraces and beautiful walking and cycling routes in our app at Discover the area.
  • Fancy an ice cream? The addresses for the tastiest ice cream are in our app.
  • This Saturday there is a fun summer market in .
  • Going to the market? Check out the best markets nearby in our app.
  • Rainy day? Our app has fun indoor tips.

Alternate such messages with general announcements and you have a nice balance.

5. Don’t forget holidays and events
It is also smart to make yourself heard during holidays. Many guests will leave the app on their phone. Receiving a message will remind them of your accommodation. Decide which holidays you think are important and plan them in advance for the whole year. For example, ‘On behalf of we wish you a wonderful Christmas.’ It is also smart to check the calendar of events in high season and share tips in the area. Schedule a push message a few days in advance and let people know about the event.

With these tips, you will have the nicest push messages scheduled in no time. After all, if you stick to our schedule, it’s only 28 messages in the year. Afterwards, be sure to compare the statistics and share your results with us.

Want to know more about push messages? We wrote another blog about it earlier: You can read more about sending push messages in this blog.