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  • Bed and breakfast De Rimpelaar

“The Great Stay App has been well received by our guests. They are happy to have communication and information right at their fingertips, and managing everything on the go. The Great Stay app implementation went smoothly, and support has been friendly and knowledgeable. In short, satisfied guests, great cooperation and excellent service from our B&B.

B&B app
Holiday app
  • Verhuurbureau Benagil Holidays

“The first thing we noticed was that Great Stay App’s communication is great, the employees I spoke with have been engaged, enthusiastic and very accommodating. Always open to new ideas and feedback.

Because of this we have had a very positive experience with Great Stay App, from beginning to end of the process. We are very happy with the final result: a clear app that looks great and is useful to our customers.

Their service has been nothing short of excellent, personalized and efficient. I would definitely recommend Great Stay app to anyone looking for a great app developer.”

  • Camping de Vinkenkamp

“We are very enthusiastic about our app. The app runs smoothly and Great Stay offer great communication, are very helpful in answering questions as well as helping us in finding the best solutions. We can easily manage app content to suit our own taste, that’s what makes it so easy to use.”

App for camping
Logeren aan zee Willy Zuid
  • Logeren aan zee & Willy Zuid

“We had been looking for the perfect application for quite some time, an app that could really improve our guests’ experience. We often found ourselves thinking: maybe someday, and then Great Stay App came along and we knew it was the right thing and this was the right time, just before a busy summer. We were provided wonderful  service. All responses were prompt and our contact-person was very accommodating, and patient. 

The app itself has been perfect! Not only helpful to guests, but also perfect for us content creators. It takes about 5 seconds to add a new event to the calendar and notify guests. Events are easy to add, edit, and delete. Brochures and printed pamphlets have really had their day!”

  • Resort Oesterdam

“The first app developer that could build an app made to fit all our needs. We got a demo version of our custom app within two weeks. They went above and beyond to accommodate our needs. Endless creative design options! The Content Management System (CMS) is fast and user-friendly. Customer service is very knowledgeable and helpful.”

Resort Oesterdam - Referenties
Camping de Heksenlaak - Referenties
  • Camping, horeca en manege de Heksenlaak

“A solid app built and customized to fit out our company’s needs. Excellent customer service, efficient process.”

  • Recreatiepark Duinhoeve

“We are so proud of our own brand new app . The easy-to-use feed made to match the unique personality of our brand. Wonderful communication, cooperation and service! There are so many options, that’s what makes our app’s design one of a kind. We are really looking forward to welcoming our guests this upcoming season!”

Recreatiepark Duinhoeve - Referenties
Camping de Zandkuil - Referenties
  • Camping de Zandkuil

“Beautiful design, easy to use, and user-friendly content management.”

  • Camping het Horstmannsbos

“We are very pleased with the sheer simplicity and convenience of this app! We can easily manage and edit our own content. We are so happy to have our own unique app, customized to meet our needs. Being able to use the ordering system is great!

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