Great Stay Web

All information behind one QR code

Consolidate all information into one system, creating clarity and saving time!

  • Determine the content and look & feel yourself

  • Easily manageable through the CMS

  • Offer more service and generate more revenue

Compose your app with flexible elements

Our software offers endless possibilities.

  • In the vicinity

  • Walking and cycling routes

  • Submit a report

  • Wifi button

  • Magazines

  • Booking system

  • Restaurants

  • Web integrations

  • Practical information

How does it work?



Together, we define the purpose of the web app and how we will fulfill it.


Content & design

Time to design the web app and fill it with valuable content.



After the web app is ready, we guide you through the implementation process.

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App Hospitality

Wondering which solution fits your accommodation best? We're here to help!

We’ll collaborate to develop the perfect tool for your accommodation, with no obligation.