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Enhance the guest experience in your hotel through effective communication

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Great stay hotel

Higher revenue. More service. 

Stay engaged with your guests during their stay. Focus on informing your guests and provide information on extra services such as late-check out, room service, bicycle rental, and transportation services.

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  • Keep your European Hotel Classification

Digital information folder

Provide your guests with all the information they need right at their fingertips. Digitize paper brochures, leaflets, and bundle all relevant documents with the digital information folder.

  • Easily notify guests

Push notifications

Send push notifications to your guests; reach out to your guests with in-house offers and important news. Push notifications can be sent immediately or scheduled to be sent at a certain time, or on a particular day.

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  • Replace the minibar

Integrated ordering module

Generate up to 70% more revenue from guests with the integrated ordering system. Encourage your guests to buy something extra. For example fresh linen, room upgrades, transportation services, room service, and spa packages.

  • Integrate your reservation system

View booking details

Integrate your reservation system to ensure guests can easily access all relevant information and allow them to extend their stay, manage their bookings and send messages.

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  • Just one tap away

Reception services

Forget about expensive and old fashioned in-room phone installations. Allow your guests to call the front-desk, request reception services, cleaning services, a taxi or wake-up call. Direct communication at the touch of a button.

  • Reserve a table

Integrated reservation system

The perfect end to a perfect day! Allow guests to manage their own reservations and book a table at the restaurant.

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Feedback vragen aan gasten online
  • Improve services

Satisfaction survey

Want to know what guests thought of their stay? Collect reviews, ratings and feedback from your guests using the customer satisfaction survey.

  • More solutions

Third party web integrations

Add third party webservices and tools to your app and benefit from additional features such as restaurant reservation tools, ticketing services, and planning tools.

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And much more.

  • Promote activities and events

  • Available in multiple languages

  • Activity database

  • Pop-up messages

  • Share tips

  • Create surveys

Great stay hotel

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