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Online communication solutions for the hospitality and tourism sector.

Suitable for every overnight stay

It is our mission to turn every stay into a ‘Great Stay’! Designed to fit the needs of hotels, B&Bs, holiday parks and rental agencies, we have developed the Great Stay App. The Great stay app allows your guests to easily access information and functionalities that enrich your guests’ stay experience and increase their overall satisfaction.

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Ready for the future

We are continuously improving our product by collecting customer feedback. We use this feedback to adapt and enhance existing features, and to create new features so that they continue to meet changing customer needs.

Easy to use

With our user friendly Content Management System (CMS) you can easily create, draft, edit, publish, and promote content by sending push- notifications and pop-up messages. 

Improve the way you run your business, stay engaged with your guests, enrich their experience, and save time. Make every stay a “Great Stay”!

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